Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!

Hills and Doctors

Well, I have logged over 100 miles over the last week. Many of those miles have been ridden up on the North Shore, through Head of the Harbor, Stony Brook and Smithtown areas. It is absolutely beautiful up there. The area is very hilly though.

I was riding up one VERY long, VERY steep hill and thought my heart was going to explode. The thing that kept me going up the hill was that I wasn’t sure I could unclip my feet from the pedals if I have to stop. I envisioned myself just falling off the bike  and lying on the side of the road. So I prayed my way to the top! God is very gracious.

I have a few days off while my bike it in at ‘the doctor,’ that’s really what the name of the bike shop that services my bike is called, The Port Jefferson Bike Doctor. It’s getting it’s 150 mile tune up, almost 50 miles late, good thing I don’t have to change oil. They are also trying to work out an issue I am having with my pedals, I haven’t been able to unclip my right foot. Makes stopping sort of interesting, even when I’m not on hills.

The week has been busy with work, riding and OCC preparations. We will begin following up with the churches we sent letters to  regarding the upcoming bike tour.

I am looking forward to a great ride with my training buddies on Saturday. We are headed to Yaphank for 30ish miles.


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