Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!

Holy Hills Batman

So the family all decided we needed to get away and steal the last little bit of summer that was left before the boys returned to school. I am unplugging for the most part this week, but still training for the upcoming Fork to Fork Ride to promote Operation Christmas Child.

I am riding in beautiful Spofford, NH this week. So I left out this morning on a 30 mile ride. I think I was 1/2 a mile in when I hit the first hill and wow it was a challenge. About 5 miles in all I could think was ‘Holy Hills Batman!’ I have ridden the biggest hills ever on this trip.

I experienced a few firsts on the ride today. I went the fastest ever, 36 mph! Which is an incredible speed on a bike, Praise God for downhills. I also experienced my slowest speed on a bike, I was at 4.6 mph, those darn up hills. And, hang my head in shame, I had to walk my bike. I just couldn’t get the 8% grade in mile 19! Well maybe I could but I was very afraid that I would need to stop and wouldn’t be able to get my feet out of the pedals and would then fall under the tires of a passing semi.

Wish I could tell you I had some inspiring thoughts as I rode, but my prayers were focused on getting up the hills and finding my way when I got lost in Keene.

I think tomorrow I’ll just ride laps around the lake!

I have also set up my fundraising page. I have a goal to raise $1400 for this ride. That would be shipping for 200 shoeboxes, 1 for each mile I will ride. You can check out my fundraising page at http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/daniellemccarty.

Stay tuned more exciting rides are to come.

Hang on Tight,


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