Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!

It’s About the Little Things

It's about the littel things

I broke the speed limit on a bicycle today…in a school zone. Now 20 mph isn’t the fastest I’ve gone on a bike, but it was a little celebration since it’s the first time my speed was faster than a speed limit sign I was passing. Made me chuckle, such a little thing.

Then it made me think about the little things in the shoeboxes. We always try to but a great anchor item, like a doll or a ball into shoeboxes, but then there’s lots of little things like, barrettes, pencils, socks, notebooks, toothpaste (with 3 colors, right Oksana), a note or picture of our family. And you know each time I have heard one of our national spokespeople for OCC share, as much as they loved the big item, it was the little things that meant so much to them. Not having to share a toothbrush with 20 other children, or having 5 pencils of their own instead of having to share the family pencil.

What little thing is God calling you to do? It could have a huge impact on someone else!

Hang on Tight,

PS Thanks to those who have been praying for my training rides, I am doing much better with the pedals.


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