Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!




It has been a very busy week and weekend. Riding went very smoothly this week, no falls, lots of progress! One more week of training, the ride begins a week from today! So we are tapering into the ride with some nice easy rides to keep us warm. Still looking for prayer partners, riders and encouragers along the route. Please let us know if you would like to join us, you can email at occnysuffolk@gmail.com.

I am about 30% of the way to my fundraising goal of $1400 (shipping for 200 shoeboxes). If you would like to donate go to http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/daniellemccarty/forktoforkbiketour, to do so.

The weekend was spent with an amazing young pastoral student, Timur Nesbitt, who received a shoebox as a child in Central Asia. He came to Suffolk County and shared his story of growing up in an orphanage, receiving a shoebox and being adopted at 16. His goal is to return to his country, where only 2% of the population are Christians to share the love and hope that he has found in Jesus with them. He challenged me to share with others the testimony of what God is writing on my life.

I have also had the privilege to host Pastor James Teira of Kampala Community Church in my home this weekend. I have been blessed to build a friendship with him and to hear all that God is doing in Uganda. Pastor James shared at our speaker events about how the shoeboxes open doors for pastors of local churches to build relationships and continue to share Jesus’ love with others. He also shared at Grace Gospel Church in Patchogue about how we NEED to KNOW who Jesus is to us? That He is our Savior. I was really challenged when he spoke of what could happen if all of us invited just one person to come to church!

I am encouraged and inspired by the testimony of these two men. They share their faith without abandon, as they know that if God is for them, who can be against them. So as we head out to share the ministry of OCC with churches, we know that for each box that is packed it is a child who will get to hear about how much Jesus loves them.

What testimony will God write through you?

Hang on Tight,


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