Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!

God Appointments

F2F Day 1

Day 1 of the Fork to Fork Bike Tour is a wrap. We rode 46 miles and shared with 23 churches. AND GOD SHOWED UP

At one church where we stopped, we were told by the custodian and pastor’s wife that we would need to come back and that we could not leave any materials. While we were preparing to take off again a car pulled into the parking lot and stopped to ask if we needed any help, guess who was in the car…that’s right, THE PASTOR!

We got to not only share with him, but we let him know how much of a God appointment it was and how much it meant that he needed to be a part of the project this year.

He let us know that his church did another project during the same time and that it was difficult to get his congregation to be a part of 2 missions project. When I mentioned Christmas in July he lit up! He asked if we could talk more about it. I love it when God sets our appointments!

God Appointment

A BIG thank you to Fred Engel for driving our support vehicle and for keeping our backs safe with traffic.

To my riding buddy Janice, you did AWESOME today. Rest up we have another 40+ tomorrow, all to God’s glory.

We head off tomorrow from Ridge to East Northport at 7am. Please come ride along, cheer us on and pray for some more God appointments. Find where you fall into the ride at http://www.mapmyride.com/us/yaphank-ny/shoebox-tour-day-2-route-288461669

Please continue to pray for us:
– Praise God for the safety and God appointments we had today
– Pray for those God appointments, He is AWESOME – EVERY day!
– Pray for endurance for our riders, we’ll be at 80+ miles by the end of the day tomorrow.
– Pray for continued confidence and an overcoming for fears as we ride, we had a few silly falls today, pray that the rest of the ride will be fall free.

Hang on Tight,


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  1. That’s AWESOME!

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