Hang on Tight, its a wild ride!

The Day 2 Crew

Cumulative Day 2

Day 2 took our mileage total to 86. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to E Northport as planned, Between Ridge and Smithtown we got to share with 21 churches, but we still saw God make our appointments. The Day 2 Crew began with 4 riders and we picked up a 5th along the way. It was awesome to ride with my training buddies Janice, Laura and Patty. I really enjoyed have Lou Amato join us, loved that he prayed us all the way through the day. You all did AMAZING today. You guys continue to encourage me. Thanks to the guys at Selden Fire Department for their welcome as we passed by on Hawkins Rd today, you are AWESOME!

F2F Look who we picked up


As we head into ‘Hump Day’ we’re all more tired and getting into some routines as we ride, not a bad thing. But God brought me Hebrews 10:35 – 36 which says, “So do not lose the courage you had in the past, which has great reward. You must hold on, so you can do what God wants and receive what He has promised.”

Monday everything was new and exciting, as we continue on our adventure, I am praying that we would continue on with that excitement. As our muscles get tired, that we would keep pressing on. We are seeing God work through what we are doing and we know that He will continue to work even after we have completed this ride.

We ask that you would continue to pray for us:
– Pray for our riders that their tired muscles would be rested and ready for tomorrow, for their enthusiasm to continue, for our boldness as we continue to share about OCC and God’s love.
– Pray that we would be able to stay on course as we catch up from today’s ride.
– Pray for the churches we have dropped information off to that they would catch the vision of the ministry and for those we will be sharing with in the next few days that they would be open to hear our message.
– Pray that God would steer us away from those who will not be willing to listen.

We keep on keeping on for His Glory.

Hang on Tight,


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